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All our build your own alarm packages come with the following 3 benefits.


Our build your own alarms are installed by a Platinum Accredited Visonic installer.


Our build your own alarm packages include our 1 year Gold Service Plan.

SSAIB certification

Free SSAIB certification. Recognised by most home insurance companies.


(build your own alarm packages prices are based on accurate estimates only, a free site survey is required in order to receive an exact quote.)

Standard Alarm Package

Visonic Powermaster 33 Alarm System:
Our best wireless alarm system comes with wireless control pad so the panel can be hidden. Includes discreet wireless
control panel, wireless keypad, two pet friendly wireless sensors, one wireless door switch and a wireless bell box.
With Visonic's Power-G technology, batteries can last up to 8 years. Includes SSAIB certificate and is grade 2, fully
installed and includes all sundries.

Visonic Powermaster 33 Alarm System

The Visonic Powermaster 33 Standard Alarm is the same system as our Alarm Package Bundle 2 package, for more information on this package, see Bundle Deal 2.

Bundle Deal 2


We hold some of the most prestigous accreditations and work with only the worlds best manufacturers.

Room Sensors

Pet Friendly Sensors:
A specialist wireless motion detection device capable of differentiating between intruders and your pets regular activity.
x2 included free with standard alarm system above

Motion Detector And Camera:
A wireless motion detection device teamed with a wireless camera. Allowing you to view any unauthorised activity in real time.

Curtain Motion Detector Clip:
A specialist wireless motion detection device clipped to curtains or blinds. A very discreet yet effective little detector.

Door Sensors

Magnetic Contact Mc-302:
A small two part sensor ususally placed on a property's entrance and exit doors. Activating the alarm timer when the door is opened.
x1 included free with standard alarm system above

Vanashing Contact Mc-302v:
An updated version of the Magnetic Contact Mc-302 but smaller and more discreet. Activates the alarm timer when a door is opened.

Glass Sensors

Shock Sensor Sd-304:
A wireless detector providing perimiter protection. Providing early warning of an attempted intrusion by forced entry (Importantly, activating the alarm before the intruder actually gains access to the property).

Shop Front Shock Sensor:
Similar to the Shock Senor Sd-304 but designed for specifically for commercial premises with larger windows and glass doors.

Smoke Sensors

Smoke Detector:
This detector works in the same way your existing smoke alarm does, with the added benefit of being linked with your alarm system.
Teamed with the IP Module below, notification of smoke detection can be sent to you even when you're not at home.

Smoke Heat And Siren Detector:
The same smoke detection technology as the product above with the added feature of detecting rapid changes in temperature.
Activating an alarm when the temperature reaches 60°C (140°F) and starts increasing rapidly.

Carbon Monoxide C/O Detector:
This CO detector utilizes a sophisticated electrochemical sensor to provide linear output in proportion to CO gas concentration.
The most accurate technology available for CO detection.

Additional Sensors

Flood Detectors Fld-550:
Designed to detect the presence of water in basements, yachts and many others residential and commercial applications, providing early warning of developing floods.

Temperature Detector Tmd-560:
Severe heat and cold can be dangerous to people with health problems, particularly the elderly or very young children.
The TMD-560 temperature detector monitors ambient temperatures in the home and sends alerts to the control panel when extreme hot or cold is detected.

Internal Siren Mcs-720:
The MCS-720 is the ideal indoor siren for residential and light commercial buildings, particularly where outdoor sirens are prohibited.

Arming & Dissarming

Additional 2 Way Keypad Kp-250:
The KP-250 PG2 is a stylish and easy to use two-way wireless user interface for PowerMaster systems.
x1 included free with standard alarm system above

Quickarm/Dissarm Chicklet Tags:
A small and discreet little tag designed for quick arming and dissarming of an alarm, no more entering the alarm code in the control panel .

Slim Keyfob With Panic Feature KF-235:
A slim 4-button keyfob that is used to perform most of the common alarm commands: arming and disarming, emergency signaling, panic alarm and viewing the system status.
The size equates to the average car key fob.


IP Module With App (Self Monitoring):
A device designed to communicate between the alarm and the owner, wherever you may be.
Accessed via the internet, or a mobile-app - check the alarm, smoke, temperature status', remotely arm/dissarm and receive intruder alerts on the go.

GSM Module (Sim Not Included):
The older style communication system. Designed to communicate between the alarm and the owner via telephone connection.

Bell Boxes

Outdoor Siren Bellbox:
External Siren Bell Boxes are used as both a warning to potential intruders that the property is fitted with an alarm and as an audible signal when an alarm has been activated.
x1 included free with standard alarm system above

Dummy Bellbox (Non Flashing):
Dummy Bellboxes are used purely as a visual deterent to potential intruders.
Typically used with garages, industrial units and out-houses which aren't connected to the main building and main alarm system.

Dummy Bellbox (Flashing):
Dummy Bellboxes are used purely as a visual deterent to potential intruders with a convincing flashing light.
Typically used with garages, industrial units and out-houses which aren't connected to the main building and main alarm system.


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